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Comprehensive, Independent Childbirth Courses

Created by Midwife Shelly Varelli, CPM, and taught by OHMI Midwives, Apprentices, Assistants, & Doulas


At OHMI Midwives, we believe that preparation for childbirth is key to having a positive and empowering experience. Our childbirth education series is designed with your unique needs in mind, whether you are planning to give birth in the hospital, birth center, or at home, we provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed choices throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. Our independent and inclusive approach covers six different topics. 

Let us help you prepare for the birth of your child with confidence and excitement. Follow this link to Register

Classes are offered at no additional charge to existing OHMI clients

​​Class series includes:

  • Class One: Anatomy, Optimal Fetal Positioning, Holistic & Clinical Stages of Labor 

  • Class Two: Comfort Measures & Pain Relief Options

  • Class Three: Shared Decision-Making, Evidence-Based Care, Interventions Birth Trends

  • Class Four: Lactation & Infant Feeding Options

  • Class Five: Postpartum Healing

  • Class Six: Normal Newborn Care 


*Consider using your health savings account for reimbursement, or create an alternative baby registry to help cover the expense of your childbirth education classes, hire a birth or postpartum doula, and even help with the fees for homebirth midwifery care! 

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Childbirth Education Course Content for Educators

  • Purchase Individual Course Material: $147

  • Purchase Access to All Course Materials: $997 

    • with All-Access you will also receive 5 bonus courses and content.

I am delighted that you are considering this content for your professional childbirth education classes. I have spent years teaching this content "live", and receiving lots of insightful feedback. I have taken all this experience and knowledge to create, expand, and evolve the courses to suit the needs of those seeking quality, independent childbirth education. All content created by Shelly Varelli Holistic Therapy & Birth Services is shared with you for your professional use.

Your purchase includes everything you need to begin teaching your own classes. Teach in-person or Virtual. Teach to groups or 1-1. As you wish. The topics covered are listed in the outline below and the classes will range from one hour to 2.5 hrs each (depending on the class) for well over 18-20 hours of overall content! Regardless of your intention to use ONE class or all of them, you will have additional access to me for guidance (as your educator and mentor). You can consider me your new “birth bestie!” You can reach me via email or text. I am happy to hear from you with questions or updates.  

#1 You will have the option to completely customize the teachable course content with a Canva subscription. Alternatively, each access the course and downloaded “as-is” by choosing to download it as a pdf file. If this suits your needs, you are able to begin teaching immediately!


#2 You will be given access to a Google drive with access specific to the class you have purchased. All Google doc content is completely customizable (see below) with the exception of a few random pdf files or handouts, which could be shared as-is or recreated as you wish. You will also be given an introductory welcome email to send clients who sign up for class, presenter notes, class feedback survey, survey response spreadsheet, and more.

How to purchase:

First, review the information below and reach out to me directly if you are undecided and need more information Second, send me your email address and you will receive an invoice from me. Once payment is received I will send you an email with access to the courses you have purchased. You will then be provided with access to individual google drive folders and Canva Slides -all content is 100% customizable. You can edit content, apply your branding, and set course fees for what your individual market will bare. 

Included in your purchase is a complimentary one-hour one-on-one mentoring session with me, accessible for the first six months after purchase

  • One free 15-minute follow-up (up to one year)

  • Additional mentoring: 30 min $40 or 60 min $85



Primary Classes: 


Class one: Anatomy, Holistic and Clinical Phases of Labor

Class two: Comfort Measures and Pain Relief Options 


Class three: Postpartum Care and Healing


Class four: Lactation and Infant Feeding Options


Class five: Newborn Care


Class six: Shared Decision Making, Informed Consent, & Intervention


Class seven: Condensed Childbirth Education Class 


Bonus Classes:


Class eight: Homebirth Preparation 


Class nine: Nutritional Support in Pregnancy and Postpartum


Class ten: How to be an Awesome Doula at Homebirths (outline only, slide deck not yet created)


Class eleven: Birth Plans

These courses and the content within may not be shared or sold to other professionals or companies. The intellectual content is owned by Shelly Varelli Holistic Therapy & Birth Services, and purchased by you, for your single-user benefit. Permission is granted for customization only, for teaching and education, as you wish. ©2022 Shelly Varelli Holistic Therapy & Birth Services.

©2022 Shelly Varelli Holistic Therapy & Birth Services.

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