Resources & Recommendations for New Parents

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Which herbs are safe in pregnancy?


Click here to learn more about the ingredients in the NORA tea blend. 

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Purchase the Childbirth Preparation Workbook $8.00

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FInd a Doula serving an area near you (NWO & SEM)

Pumping essentials.jpg

Pumps, Bags, Bras, and more!

Pregnancy Must Haves.jpg

Here are some of the things you might find useful during pregnancy. some you may have thought of, some you may not have

Breastfeeding essentials.jpg

Purchase the Childbirth Set yourself up for success with some tried and true recommended items for breast/chestfeeding and lactation. 

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High chairs, Splat mats, swings, and more!

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Not sure what gift to is best for the person with a new baby on the way, here are a few things they might not be thinking of.

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Our top recommendations

Book recommendations -Lactation & Infant Feeding.jpg

Our top recommendations

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This checklist will help to form the basis of any baby registry and help get you set up for postpartum, and parenthood!

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Local and national recommendations/referrals for everything from acupuncturists, chiropractors, crisis centers, doulas, midwives, therapists, and more! Updates 5/4/2022

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Details Coming soon!

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FInd a Doula serving an area near you (NWO & SEM)

Baby Favorites.jpg

Where do we start with a new child in the house? Here are a few things that I love to get started with a new one

Gear in the Go.jpg

Babywearing, car organization, strollers, and more!

Postpartum Essentials.jpg

During postpartum, you don't need to be out and about shopping, you need to be loving that wonderful bundle of joy at home. So us this list to let someone else do the heavy lifting and drop it on your doorstep.

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Our top recommendations

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Our top recommendations

My commitment is to help you find and maintain balance, to help you function at your personal best.