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Doula Q & A

Hiring a doula...

So you’ve done your research and now know what a doula really does and you want to hire one. How do you find the right one for you?

Also, Let me ask you this... do you ask your Obstetrician or Midwife the same type of questions? If not, let me ask you why? First, It is essential that YOU define your values and decision making criteria in order to choose a provider and birth location that aligns with/meets your needs. Need some help? I am happy to guide you in this process. Join me in my custom created class “The Informed Parent’s Guide to Shared Decision Making, Evidence Based Care, and Birth Plans”.


In the meantime —- Here are some questions to pose when interviewing a doula:

➖What type of training do they have to offer pregnancy, birth, or postpartum services?

➖How long have they been a doula?

➖How many births have they attended?

➖How many clients do the take in a month, and do they have a back up doula?

➖What happens in the event of a long labor? Do they stay the whole time, take breaks, call in a back-up, charge extra fees?

➖Do they have referrals to offer or testimonials listed on their website or social page?

➖Is this their full time job or do they have another job?

➖What’s their general philosophy on birth?

➖Do they know how to support an intervention free, physiological birth without medication?

➖How do they offer support for medicated births? Inductions?

➖How do they support or help incorporate your partner so they are more involved?

➖Do they have additional training or skills: like use of a rebozo, spinning babies, lactation support, childbirth education class, birth/video photography, essential oils or homeopathy, etc

➖What is the fee for their service? Do they offer payment plans, packages, or a sliding fee scale?

➖Can you trade with her? Maybe you have a skill set that would be of value to reduce your fee or provide trade for trade.

➖How many prenatal visits does she offer and what is covered at those visits?

➖When are they officially “on-call” for you?

➖Do they offer unlimited calls, texts or emails?

➖When will they come to you offer in person support when you are in labor?

➖How long do they stay after the birth and can they support you with breastfeeding and lactation?

➖What are some ways they can support your individual spiritual, cultural, or religious preferences?

➖What happens in the unfortunate event of a miscarriage or stillbirth?

"I am happy to answer any of these questions or any others you may have. Reach out to me via DM, or schedule a free 30 min consult via my website"



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