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Managing Morning Sickness

Morning sickness tends to be the toughest until around 12-14 weeks, but can certainly start earlier and stick around longer... and is not necessarily designated only for morning!

The biggest tip I have is to never ever have an empty stomach and try to stay well hydrated. Try drinking smoothies for breakfast. Make breakfast light. Try to make lunch and dinner your heartier meals. Hyperemesis is a more chronic issue that may require medical management, though below are some tried and true methods:

-Stay hydrated. I know this can be hard as water aversions are common. Some people find it easier to drink lemonade, add juice to water to reduce sugar content, add electrolyte packets. Try Gatorade, coconut water, and sweet teas during the first trimester, to your level of tolerance. Again, be mindful of sugars.

-General fluid intake: try to increase water intake should be your weight in pounds, divided in half in ounces per day. For example: If you are 120 lbs, that's 60 oz. per day. Your weight and blood volume increase throughout pregnancy, it’s important to adjust and keep up. Do not let yourself get dehydrated.

--Eat small amounts of easily digestible protein-rich snacks every two hours to stabilize blood sugar, (a handful of nuts or seeds, a protein bar, yogurt, a drinkable smoothie, cheese, eggs, rice, and beans, etc). Whatever you can tolerate. Try for protein intake of 60-80 grams a day. If eating is hard then drink protein smoothies (my fav recipe includes: banana for carbs, peanut or almond butter, and chocolate protein powder).

-If vitamins are hard to get down, try backing off ones with iron for now, try chewable supplements or just stop for a bit. An herbal supplement with easily digestible iron that I like is Floradix.

-Lots of probiotics, specifically acid reducing types, if in pill form be sure it is enteric coated to get deep in the lower GI. Try liquid or powder form too for the stomach and upper GI. For lower GI and to prevent Group B strep colonization make sure to include lactobacillus rhamnosus.

-Try homeopathic protocols: Arsenicum album 6c twice daily or Tobaccum 200c once daily.

-OTC treatments that are very effective include taking Unisom and B6 together.

-Some people like GINGER chews, lemon-ginger lozenges, or ginger tea- to make a fresh Infusion: take 1/2 oz. sliced, grated, or bruised ginger root to 1 pint boiling water, steep for 5-10 min, strain and sip.

-Keep a bottle of lemon or peppermint essential oil in your pocket and inhale deeply at the onset of nausea.

-Try acupressure wristbands for added relief, or upgrade those to this Nausea Electrode Stimulator wristband.

Consider a one-one coaching session with Shelly for more tips and evidenc-based suggestions.

Schedule a virtual meeting by clicking the “book appointment“ link on

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