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"It was not you!"

believe we are always offered an opportunity to walk the path that brings fulfillment to our soul's purpose.

Recently someone asked me to share a little bit about my holistic health journey... I now sit in gratitude and appreciation for extending a powerful gift of reflection.

"Well, I think I’d have to dive way back."

This is actually a painful reflection… as a very, very young child, I knew that people were attracted to my light. I remember even saying it out loud when I was four or five, "I have this light inside me", and people looking at me oddly like, "that's a dumb thing to say".

Unfortunately, as a young girl, I encountered people who wanted to take advantage of my light (I've come to learn this is quite common with other lightworkers). I was molested, ashamed, and began to dim myself -because of course, it was all my fault attracting people with my light. 

A decade or so later, as a teenager, I felt a calling from deep inside. I remembered my light and it was begging to shine. I think it always did despite my intentional effort to hide it. I began to trust that I could rely on that light to guide me and move me forward on my path. I am a lightworker, this is my gift.

“It was not you”. 

This is the message I receive now and send to my younger self and to others with similar experiences. "It was not you, do not dim your light. Don’t do it anymore, let your light shine."

Whew! That’s some deep shit. Hope you’re still with me. 

I know I’ve taken many paths but I’ve always circled back around to birth work, to healing work, to honor the earth, the universe, and all its abundant offerings.

It is often that others remark “you’re the Jill of all trades”, or “what don’t you do?” I laugh and think, “I lovingly shine my light as a beacon to support others on their holistic journey. I embrace these opportunities because it is my passion, it is my purpose.”

Shelly Varelli (DeMeo) CCT, RCS, LMT

Birth Doula/Student Midwife/Midwife Assistant/Sonographer/Lightworker


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